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Neutronics Ultima ID™ Refrigerant Identifier
A full-featured identifier that uses leading-edge infrared refrigerant gas analysis technology to provide the fastest identification for S.N.A.P. refrigerants, R134a, R12, R134a, R22, HC and Air.
With its optional built-in printer, Ultima ID can print test results for easy billing. It has an extra large LCD display for easy readability and an optional internal battery for exceptional portability.

D-440A Electronic Leak Detector
The renewed D-440 electronic leak detector is the first to market that meets the new (2008) SAE J2791 standard.
The heated sensor technology with the user-selectable 3 sensitivity levels, and the digital leak size indicator make the D-440 an easy to use instrument.
By using the latest electronic technologies the sensor life is vastly extended. Furthermore, replacement sensors are relatively inexpensive.

Invictalux UV Detection Light 13 LED
The “Invictalux 13” is a good UV leak detection light in the middle range. Works on three standard penlight batteries; provides adequate reflection on quality UV dye recipes. Comes with an enhancing and protection pair of UV goggles (yellow).

A/C Spring Lock Coupling Tool Set
These tools provide the only means of separating spring lock air conditioning refrigerant pressure lines on current Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Citroen, Pegueot vehicles. They are spring-loaded in the closed position to deflect any spray that occurs when the line is disconnected. Includes: 3/4in. 3/8in. 1/2in. and 5/8in.

R-12/R-134a Valve Core Repair Kit
Includes 2 pcs of valve core remover/installer, 20 pcs standard valve cores, 10 pieces of R134a JAR High/Low, 5 pieces for Pegueot and Volvo, 5 pcs for GM, 5 pcs 8mm low side, 5 pcs 10mm high side.

HNBR "O" rings Set
Includes 40 pcs 6.07x1.78, 40 pcs 8.8x1.9, 30 pcs 10.6x2.4, 30 pcs 10.9x1.9, 30 pcs 13.7 x 1.9, 30 pcs 15x1.78, 20 pcs 13.8x2.5, 20pcs 17.3x2.5.



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