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Automotive A/C Service Station

Fully automatic unit suitable for servicing passenger, light commercial vehicles including trucks and mini buses a/c systems.
Simple dashboard (four arrows, plus “start” and “stop” button) allows quick navigation through the menu in language upon selection.
An on-board database with over the 1500 cars and trucks allows the user to find proper charging weights and lubricant types. Easy connection to a PC or laptop by USB port. Refrigerant management software allows monitoring of total amount of refrigerant recovered or charged.
The complete procedure’s result is printed for future reference.
What remained is the exemplary reliability of Ariazone, ease of maintenance and sturdy metal design.

Automatic Functions:

Recovery - The refrigerant is reconditioned during the recovery process making it possible to re-use it immediately. The unit accurately measures the amount of recovered refrigerant.
Evacuation - The powerful two-stage vacuum pump ensures a deep vacuum and the removal of any residual moisture from the system.
Charging - Key in the correct charge on the keypad and the microprocessor does the rest. It is also possible to control the charge amount by hand.
Oil Separation - After each recovery process, the oil is collected in an extremely efficient heat-exchanger/oil separator, discharged into a oil container and measured by heavy duty load cells.
Oil & UV Dye Injection -
After evacuation, refrigerant oil and UV dye are injected in the a/c system through the service hoses. Oil injection
q-ty is carefully measured by heavy duty load cell.


- Recovery cylinder: 27kg,
- Recovery rate: 360 g/min liquid state,
- Vacuum pump: 2 stage, 100 l/min (3.5cfm), 3 x 10-1 Pa ultimate vacuum,
- Dimensions: W- 580 mm, D- 620, H-1090 mm;
- Weight: 85kg,
- Chassis: Sturdy all steel construction powder coated,
- Supply voltage: 230V/ 50Hz


- Thermal Protection
- Audio and Visual Warnings
- Cylinder Over-Fill Warning and protection
- Service Alarm: Alerting maintenance and filters replacement



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