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Q. Will the machine be user friendly ?
Ariazone: All machines are designed with the technician in mind, with features that gives the operator full control and wont allow the wrong function to be selected at the wrong time. The extent of user-friendliness depends on its technological, manufacturing and engineering expertise. We have done the hard work in designing such equipment, so that your job can be made easy.
The features in our line of Ariazone equipment are unmatched. We understand that the training time in the proper use of our equipment must be kept to a minimum. Your aim is to generate income. With it's superior functionality and design, the Ariazone line of equipment will have you up and running in no time.

Q. Will I have after sales support?
Ariazone: After sales support is available when needed. With consultants available to answer questions on equipment and vehicle queries don’t hesitate contact us for any assistance.

Q. I have looked at other equipment and there are those that are cheaper. Why is this so?
Ariazone: The answer to this question is quite simple. They are not the same. You want equipment that is efficient and easy to use so that you may go about your work in the most efficient manner. The extent of technological and manufacturing innovation within a machine will dictate the extent of productivity, ease of use, functionality and maneuverability.
We often suggest to prospective customers that they look at the competitions equipment. We say this because we believe we have the best equipment. We understand the requirements of automotive technicians, because that's where we started from and still are. We are unique in that we maintain a presence in the servicing and repair of automotive air-conditioners so that we can ask ourselves, 'How can we make this easier'? We maintain a presence on the factory floor and we know what works and what doesn't work and what we would love to see work! We urge you to compare the features of the Ariazone equipment and our support to our competition.

Q. Will I have quick access to spare parts?
Ariazone: A full range of spare parts are always in stock for any of the Ariazone range of products.

Q. Will I be able to service the machine myself?
Ariazone: With service kits and service instructions available on all the Ariazone range of equipment it is quite simple to service the machines yourself .

Q. Where is the equipment designed and produced?
Ariazone: Ariazone is based in Melbourne Australia and Macedonia in Europe and has been involved in the design and manufacturing of equipment for over 35 years.

Q. What if I don't want to specialise in air-conditioning?
Ariazone: If you are not servicing A/C equipment with your other work, you are denying yourself an extra means of income. Over the past 15-20 years, the automotive air-conditioning market has exploded. Whereas once air-conditioners were an expensive accessory, they have become standard with new cars. Someone needs to service and maintain these automotive air-conditioners. You do not want your customers going to other workshops and risk losing them forever because you do not offer the full service that they require for their vehicle.



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